Unit 2: Critcal Listening and Composition Task 3: Review

Radio: The radio station I chose was Capital Xtra and the reason why I chose it was because Capital Xtra was one of my favourite radio stations that plays dance and urban music.

The song that I selected out of their playlist was ‘Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better) by Felix Jaehn ft. Jasmine Thompson which is based on the acoustic cover of the 1980’s song by Thompson.

The genre of the song is deep house/tropical house which I described as Pop House.

The next song that I selected from the playlist was ‘Look Right Through (MK Remix)’ by Storm Queen which is the remix to Storm Queen’s original song of the same name. The genre of the remix is deep house/funk.

The reason why I selected songs from the playlist is because I find these genres addictive and catchy.

Label: The record label I chose was Disturbing London and the reason why I chose it was because it is a label promoting British hip-hop and urban music independently. This means the label can release EPs, mix-tapes and stand-alone songs that they choose.

The song that I selected from the label is ‘Not Letting Go’ by Tinie Tempah ft. Jess Glynne (even though Tinie is signed to Parlophone, it charted No. 1 in July).

The genre of the song is British hip-hop/R&B. The reason why I chose that song is because I like Tinie’s work since his song ‘Pass Out’ came in 2010 and the song itself is more a summer urban theme.

The next song that I selected from the label is ‘Higher (Free)’ by All About She. The reason why I chose this song is because it fascinated me at first, I find it hard to follow the song. The song has an unusual structure but the music is fresh like the old days.

The reason why I chosen these songs is because I remember the old times over a decade ago, urban was popular in the charts and on radio (e.g. Capital FM, BBC Radio 1 and KISS FM) until this time the charts and on radio has now been dominated by Pop and dance tunes and Tinie’s manager and cousin Dumi Oburota (co-founder of Disturbing London along with Tinie) did said the “major labels has lost passion of music” meaning Pop have already dominated the charts, some radio stations and the whole music industry during the late Noughties. Major labels are mostly focused on Pop and dance tunes by some artist(s) and/or band.

Song: The song that I am doing is a House track of my original work. The song was produced on Logic Pro X and it is titled as ‘#R.F.T.W.’ an acronym for Ready For The Weekend. It’s about anybody is desperate for the weekend to begin when it comes to Friday onto Saturday nights and yells “the weekend starts now!” For this song, I want to aim at one of the radio stations to play House music and play it on Friday night. The song is a Cm structure with 120 BPM and the chords are Cm, Eaug and F major. The signature of the song is 4/4 with a slow pace with slow speed at 120 BPM.

What was good?: The good part of this work was listing the songs from the radio playlist because I got the habit of researching artist(s) and/or DJ(s) on the internet so it’s good to know their structure/compositions when I read the information carefully.

What was difficult?: The difficult part of this work was researching record labels. The reason why I found it difficult at first was because there were no other record labels I can find. In the end, I had no choice to pick Disturbing London as an easy choice.

Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tinie_Tempah#Career_history


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