Unit 2: Critical Listening and Composition Task 1 (pt One)

Critical Listening and Composition

Name of a radio station: Capital Xtra

Selected artist and song: Felix Jaehn ft. Jasmine Thompson – Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better) [radio edit]

Listeners: The listeners are people everywhere in London and the Home Counties.

Genre: The genre is Pop House

Production Style: The remix is a deep house cover to a popular track from the 80s and an original acoustic cover by the same singer.

Production Techniques: Compositions of the original song, reverbs on piano, vocals, synthesizer and added xylophone. The drum was re-recorded in the mix and added a dynamic sound to make the kick drum loud and clear. The type of drum quality and processing used in EQs separately makes the sound more definite. The snare remains quieter as background and the hi-hat is feint. So the kick dominates the percussion to good effect.

The song is 118 BPM with the time signature at 4/4, the pace is slow tempo and the structure is slower than a traditional House genre.

Instrumentation: The instruments used were synthesizer, piano, xylophone, drum kit and vocals.

Demographic: The audience would be teens to late 20s who listen to and like old school house music.

Explain why the music is suited to this radio station and audience: This cover connects to people who are familiar with and love this song, for example, their parent(s)/carer(s) who used listen to the original song in the 80s. It shows how previous generations’ music has inspired the current generations’ choices in today’s world. It is more like someone bringing back the old tunes to mix/blend to the current genre in today’s world music e.g. House. That’s why a radio station like Capital Xtra would play that song to encourage more new listeners in different age groups.

 Reference: www.capitalxtra.com and www.youtube.com/channel/UC9TyjYbTpMc5S1n4pvEY5kg

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