Unit 2: Critical Listening and Composition Task 1 (pt Two)

Critical Listening and Composition

Name of a radio station: Capital Xtra

Selected artist and song: Storm Queen – Look Right Through (MK Remix)

Listeners: The listeners are people everywhere in London and the Home Counties.

Genre: The genre is Deep House/Funk

Production Style: It is a remix of a 2010 song of the same name by the same artist but it did not hit the charts during that time in the US until MK’s remix. It became popular and it charted No.1 in the UK in October 2013.

Production Techniques: This is the same composition as the original song, but it has reverbs on vocals and louder dynamics on the drum kit, the bass sound of the synthesizer is locked in with the melody.

The song is 120 BPM with the time signature of 4/4. The pace is of a slow tempo, but the rhythm of the song speed is slower. The song is exactly like any other deep house remixes but it has more funky element than ever before.

The song starts with the intro for 4 bars and 16 counts. Then the first verse is 12 bars and 48 counts, followed by the warm up chorus lasts for 8 bars and 32 counts and the actual chorus is 8 bars and 32 counts. Next, the second verse is the same as the first verse, followed by the instrumental break for 4 bars and 16 counts and then the chorus extended lasts 16 bars and 64 counts. After that, the bridge comes in and lasts 8 bars and 16 counts and then finally the instrumental break is the same as the first one and then the song finishes the extended chorus plus the outro.

Instrumentation: The instruments that were heard were a synthesizer, drum kit, bass and vocals.

Demographic: The audiences would be mid-teens to early 30’s.

Explain why the music is suited to this radio station and audience: The original did not enter the charts in the US Billboard Hot 100, but the remix featured in the UK Singles Chart. The reason why it was released in the UK is because the record label that Storm Queen is working for is the Ministry of Sound UK label. This label decided to re-release MK’s remix to gain the public’s attention.

Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Look_Right_Through



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