Unit 2: Critical Listening and Composition Task 2 (pt One)

Name of a record label: Disturbing London

Selected artist and song: Tinie Tempah feat. Jess Glynne – “Not Letting Go”

Genre: British hip-hop/R&B

Production Style: The song is like a summer love anthem persuading someone to fall in love and never wanting to let love go. The song hit the UK chart at No.1 in July 2015.

Production Techniques: The dynamics were on the kick drum, which was loud, at the same time on the EQ; the sound was low cut, covering the whole song. The vocals are clear and good on the main part, while the backing was groovy and chilling. The instrument parts like the violins are clearly heard bright and smooth. The bass is groovy with occasional hints of low cut sound boosted, but not as loud as the kick.

The song is 102 BPM and the time signature is 4/4 with the pace of slow tempo and the structure is slow. The song starts with the intro for 6 bars and 20 counts, followed by the long first verse is 16 bars and 32 counts. Then the chorus comes in for 8 bars and 16 counts and the extended chorus is 8 bars and 16 counts. Next, the second verse is the same as the first verse, followed by the chorus and the extended chorus is the same as the first ones. Then the bridge lasts 8 bars and 16 counts, followed by the chorus and extended again and finally the outro fades out the song for 4 bars and 16 counts.

Instrumentation: The instruments that were heard were drums, guitar, bass, violins, piano and vocals

Demographic: The audience would be teens to mid-20s – this is the type of audience who listen regularly.

Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ozpit5dz0U

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