Unit 4: Critical and Contextual Awareness Task 1 (pt One)

Songs That Changed the World

1.   Robin S. – Show Me Love (1993)

The song ‘Show Me Love’ has been successful all over the world including hitting No.5 in United States and No.6 in United Kingdom. The song had been played over and over in rave clubs and festivals.

The song was written by Allan George and Fred McFarlane and produced the original track in 1990 and then the song was remixed by the Swedish house DJ StoneBridge in 1992.

The song explains a person who has deep feelings for ‘The One’ has to show his/her love to the person who really thinks this is the right person to let his/her heart out.

In 1993, it was the time that people were raving in clubs and festivals only when the weekend came, only on Friday nights and Saturday nights.

House music was originated in Chicago in the club called The Warehouse where the resident DJ was Frankie Knuckles. House music is different to other electronic dance music e.g. disco. The difference is house music has a repetitive beat/rhythmic structure that is common to other dance music but is played faster than disco but slower than techno which has more complex structure.

StoneBridge had commented on his experience of the remix saying one of the labels back in 1992 asked him to remix the “failed project with a great vocal.” The Swedish DJ (real name Sten Hallström) had no idea how to create a perfect remix and he listened back over and over and he thought it was “pretty bad” but his girlfriend convinced him to carry on “and the rest was history.”

The song became a legacy to artist(s) and DJs to sample/cover the song like for instance, Jason Derulo’s song in 2011 ‘Don’t Wanna Go Home’ peaked at No.1 in UK Singles Charts for two weeks. Another example of covers like for instance, Steve Angello and Laidback Luke made their version with Robin S. re-recorded her lines for the cover in 2009 peaked at No.11 in the UK and recently Sam Feldt made a deep house cover featuring the different singer named Kimberly Anne in 2015 and it peaked at No.4 in the UK.









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