Unit 4: Critical and Contextual Awareness Task 1: (pt. Three)

1.   Live Controversial Performance:

Kanye West’s Glastonbury interrupted by a comedian.

Recently at Glastonbury 2015, Kanye West had his show interrupted by a comedian named Lee Nelson. The comedian (real name Simon Brodkin) had planned to interrupt Kanye’s performance to give him a taste of his own medicine after the rapper famously interrupted Taylor Swift’s speech at 2009’s MTV Music Video Awards and Beck’s speech at 2015’s Grammy Awards.

It came after many people in the UK took in a survey to tell the Glastonbury organizers to cross Kanye West’s name off list to perform at the pyramid stage. However Kanye felt he wanted to perform to express his new persona rather than showing his past publicity stunts.

That triggered the comedian to mock him if he didn’t perform at the pyramid.

Apart from that, The Guardian journalist Alex Petridis reviewed his expressions on Kanye West calling himself “the greatest living rock star on the planet”.

From my view, I do follow music news about festivals, new song(s) and/or album(s). I think Kanye West’s Glastonbury performance shows that he has changed his ways from being the most hated rapper to a “living rock star on the planet”.






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