Unit 4: Critical and Contextual Awareness Task 1: (pt. Four)

1.   Live Controversial Performance:

Miley Cyrus’s MTV Video Music Awards performance

Over two years ago, former Disney actress went from being a pop princess to a sleazy queen during 2013’s MTV Video Music Awards when she performed (or shall we say twerked) with Robin Thicke on his controversial No.1 hit ‘Blurred Lines’.

On that note, it was very controversial when she wore a skin coloured bikini as the audience thought she was naked but it’s very close but very controversial.

According from Telegraph, journalist duo Louisa Peacock and Isabelle Kerr has reviewed the performance as she “has gone into overdrive to kill her Disney protégé image”.

They interviewed Brooke Shields who played Miley’s TV mother in Hanna Montana called Miley’s act “desperate”.

I think from my view, people in the world has saw what happened to the former Hanna Montanastar is not the same person as you see on Disney Channel, all you can see it’s her controversial performance that many parent(s)/career(s) won’t allow kids to watch the programme anymore because they fear Miley is no longer a role model to all fans in the world so at least we can say, they won’t mention Hanna Montana in foreseeable future.




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