Unit 4: Critical Contextual and Awareness Task 1 (pt Two)

Songs That Changed the World

1.  Nightcrawlers – Push the Feeling On (MK Remix)

The original song ‘Push the Feeling On’ was released in 1992 peaking at 86, however in 1995 Marc Kitchen (MK) remixed the song and it became an massive hit peaking No.3 in the UK Single Charts.

The original song was written by Ross Campbell, John Reid, Hugh Brankin and Graham Wilson. The original song was produced by Phil Chill.

The history of House music has flexibilities with remixing of other tunes into a house structure which allows different influences come into genre such as Acid Jazz which where the original song came from.

The remix by MK describes as a club song when you go with your friends/mates on a Friday night and you want to push the feeling on all night until the morning comes.

The song also became a legacy to many artist(s) and mostly DJs to sample the song. For example, Pitbull’s 2009 song ‘Hotel Room Service’ which MK was credited as a songwriter became an international hit and Waze & Odyssey sampled the song for their bootleg of R.Kelly’s 1994 song Bump ‘n’ Grind when it was released in 2014 and peaked at No.3 in the UK Singles Chart.

An example of a review from describing how House music moved into European zone in early 1990s.

MK’s Dub of Doom is an example of how one can “own” a tune by making a remix of it. This is the version that will always be referred to when mentioning “Push the feeling on” by the Nightcrawlers. All subsequent versions were based on MK’s version and not the original. One would even forget that there actually WAS an original version with a mid-tempo arrangement!

I remember the MK Dub of Doom being used as a tune on Dutch radio stations to explain what house music was all about. In 1992, when most people were referring to house music, they meant either 2 Unlimited (and their derivatives) or the Gabber sound from Rotterdam. That was what they knew from the charts.

In 1995, the tune charted with us in an “MK Revisited Mix” that had a bit more vocals than the original dub. Somehow, the tune fitted better than in 1992. Our nation got more interested in American club tunes, probably after Erick Morillo scored massive with his Reel 2 Real singles and also provided sounds to MTV comedy characters Zig & Zag (“Them Girls, Them Girls”); at the same time, the Bucketheads “The Bomb!” was also a hit and several tracks from the Strictly Rhythm label landed on well-selling compilations…

Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Push_the_Feeling_On




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