Unit 6: DJ Rehearsal #1

Date: 25/11/15

On Wednesday 25th November, I started using the Numark DJ MIDI Controller MixTarck Pro II and downloaded Serato DJ Intro 8.1 version from my laptop HP Pavilion with Windows 10. In the evening time at my youth club, I used a private room for rehearsing continuous house mixes non-stop and some youth workers were very pleased of my skills and perfection of timing with the beat and the rhythm.

The reason why I selected two equipment because I tested the MixTrack Pro 1 at my youth club with their live mixer to the stereo speakers during my workshop session not long ago.

The genre of songs that I selected is House and the reason why I selected that is because I became very attached with the ‘four to the floor’ and catchy bassline. The most favourite of House genres that I became attached to were remixes of some of the original songs.

I had experienced of using MixTrack Pro 1 is the same scenario as using the MixTrack Pro II but they have different features.

The difference between the MixTrack Pro 1 and MixTrack Pro II is that the preceded version was smaller with smaller buttons that has markers to indicate where the song begins and the below that are the FX and the loops at the bottom on each side. While the successor has a slight change like for example, the controller is bigger than the preceded version. Not only that, the controller added 8 drum pads for FX on the top half of each side and the loops at the bottom half of each side of the deck. The software are different with MixTrack Pro 1 has a little guidance to allow you when to drop the beat in, while MixTarck Pro II has no guidance allowing you when to drop the beat in but you had to count the beat in your head to drop the beat at 16th bar or 32nd bar.


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