Unit 6: DJ Rehearsal #2

Date: 30/11/15

On Monday 30th November, I started to bring my HP Pavilion and Numark MixTrack Pro II to my college for rehearsing and I was really in my zone continuous mix non-stop from 09:00 to 10:30am.

I was in the Synth room with my colleagues rehearsing their individual DJ set e.g.: Ableton Push, CDJs and Vinyl turntable. Everyone including me had to plug in our headphones so we don’t listen to others, as it is more useful to listen to our music.

I rehearsed the looping while mixing two songs and the result of looping live was a bit messy but managed to sync two songs, while pressing the ‘Sync’ button only once if it is matched on the beat. Not only I rehearsed the loop, I also rehearsed EQs and FX on some songs if needed for only while I’m in the zone. The result of using two important affects and the loop were excellent and good but there’s plenty more room to improve on looping more than EQs and FX but not too much.


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