Unit 1: Live Sound example No.1

This is the example of The Theatre Room (W012) supposedly looks like when performers use the room for live events. (To see the picture, click on this link Unit 1: Theatre Room picture)

Every microphone (mostly dynamics and two condensers) covers every instrument e.g. drum kit.

Wires that are connected for the drum kit are likely to go to to Wall Box 1 (at the back of the theatre). While microphones are connected separately to Wall Box 2 (from the audiences’ view, it is at the left side of the theatre room).

Piano and guitars (either Electric and/or Acoustic) is at the left side of the room (from the audience’s view) are connected to the amplifier on each side of the stage, while the bass is placed on the right side of the room (from the audience’s view) to balance the tonality of each guitars.

After all the wires connected to Wall Box 1 & 2, the performers have to test their sound like for instance, the singers will have two stage speakers in front of them and the drummer will have the stage speaker on his/her left side of the room (from audiences’ view, it’s on the right side of the room).

There are health and safety when placing and packing wires e.g.

1.    Wires must be neat and straight and beneath the wire mat to prevent damage to the wires and causing trips.

2.    They should be strapped up tightly on the floor and they must have mats to cover them in case of tripping hazard. ThIs could cause the wires at each end to rip.

2a. If one of the wires is damaged, replace it with another one.

And lastly,

3.    When packing up, make sure wires are stored straight without twisting them because this can compromise the effiency of the electric wire function.

Another health and safety:

Never get the mike too close to the speakers as this will cause the never ending feedback that will damage your hearing. Always ensure that the speakers stay distant from where the singers are.

Make sure to double check that the speakers are balanced and positioned straight on to the audience.

Make sure the amplifiers’ volume remains at the same level as every instrument, otherwise, the sound will not be balanced, never make it too loud otherwise the speakers will blow.

If one of the amplifiers is damaged, it is important to consult a technician as there is a danger of explosion.

If one of the performers/technicians bring food and drink, warning should be given to never place them near the wires, the mixer, the instruments or the floor, otherwise someone could slip. Water and other fluids can be dangerous when used near electric wiring, so for health and safety reasons set some rules about sticky fluids, water or food being consumed on stage.

Finally, when the show is over, pack up everything carefully as laid down by manufacurers’ instructions; including the wires, instruments, speakers and the amplifiers. This good practice will prolong the life of instruments and the people using them.

To conclude, there are health and safety rules to follow, so people, audience and musicians do not get hurt.


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