Unit 6: Evaluation of Wednesday 16th December Live DJ Set

This is my review of Wednesday 16th December live event at the theatre room in my college.

I think everyone including my colleagues in Music Production first year and the people from second year did their sets brilliant and fantastic. I did not mind what the second year students do and how they play their set excellent and flawless.

Apart from the set list of songs, there was lack of people coming to the theatre room, even thought people came earlier around 13:00 hours but they suddenly left few hours later.

There was the change of time slots of some people didn’t do the set list. For instance, one of my colleagues only performed one song and came unprepared and there was a technical glitch that one of my colleagues got delayed for 20 minutes to sort out the songs and the software properly allowing one DJ to perform longer set list.

In my own set-list, I did the mix okay-ish. I kind of messed it up the mix when I was supposed to be in time with the beat but I felt there was something not right about my set-list. I feel I was playing my songs to the empty atmosphere where there was no people around and none of my colleagues or the second year students were dancing. It put me off where there is no vibe in the room and I felt my time slot was short and quick due to time was ticking really fast.

I think the Wednesday 16th December event was not as good as last week’s canteen set-list, where there was people in the room dancing and I was the last person to perform. For next time, I would expect more people not just from The Creative Industries, but people from anywhere in the college.

I would rate the live event nine out of ten for everyone’s set-list, seven out of ten for pictures projected above our heads and six out of ten for a few people, delays and my set-list.


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