Unit 4: Analysis Review of Stage Presentation 2

  1. Skrillex’s Mothership


  • Artist stage presence: Skrillex’s presence shows he is really giving out his energy to the audience like very much because he always want to express himself playing his original/remixes of his own.
  • Stage Layout: I really like the Mothership because it is cool and realistic. By meaning of what I said, I mean it looks like Skrillex came from out of this world by flying with the Mothership and plays unearthly songs that we all think Skrillex could be an alien from an unknown planet. I like the part that it has smoke machines inside the Mothership blaster canons. I find it really cool when the beat drops, the smoke comes out of the blaster canons and I find it cool and lively. The fire in front of the ship is burning awesome and fire-ly By what I meant, I mean it represents the artist(s) and/or DJ(s) work with fire to build the intense atmosphere with intense music e.g. dubstep.
  • Audience Experience/Interaction: The audience’s view was very hyped up when Skillex plays a song; visuals, lightings and the smoke machines made the audience really crazy and wild more.
  • Visuals: I really like the visuals because it is bright, colourful and beautiful. I like the way the visuals really sync in time with the songs when the beat drops, the visuals goes viral crazy and flashy.
  • Lighting: I like the colours of the lightings and the realistic how it sync in with songs especially with dubstep flashes in time with the beat and changes colour to connect the emotion feelings when we feel and hear the music changes it shapes.


Reference: Stage Analysis examples


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