Unit 4: Analysis Review of Stage Presentation 1

  1. Avicii’s Big Head Stage


  • Artist stage presence: When I saw Avicii performing, his face expression and his body language can show he’s really in the zone and focused on his set-list at the same time while he interacts with the audience to give some vibes and entertained.
  • Stage Layout & Design: I really like the big head stage layout because it is really big and creative; it is like your expressing your music from the top of the head to the world.
  • Audience Experience/Interaction: The audiences’ view were very surprised by the look of the stage layout when they saw Avicii on the top of the head and they were enjoying one of the Avicii’s songs. By mean what I said; when Avicii’s song ‘Levels’ was playing the long intro, it got to the point when the beat drops, the audience went wild seriously.
  • Lighting: The lightings were over the place crazy and cool. I like the point when the light spot was on Avicii to show his interaction with the audience, so they can see him. My favourite part was when the beat drops, the lightings went flashing all over the stage especially the blue lights was my favourite part.
  • Visuals: I really like the idea of how Avicii can control the visual lighting projection to change whenever the songs changed to sync in time. It is very cool and creative but I can imagine how he wants to layout his visuals to go along with the songs.


Reference: Stage Analysis examples



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