Unit 4: Critical and Contextual Awareness Task 2

The Context of My Song

By Johnny Hourigan

The context of my song I am going to discuss is my original house track that has been inspired by current house songs/remixes and the past house songs/remixes.

The song is titled #R.F.T.W. an acronym for ‘Ready For the Weekend.’ The song I described as a soundtrack for the weekend for only when it comes to Friday night. Everyone goes out partying all night long until you wake up on a Saturday morning feeling a bit wasted.

The track I created was aimed at the audience aged 15 to 30 that includes all cultures and races, both genders and LGBT.

The meaning of House has come from a Chicago club called The Warehouse. The club existed from 1977 to 1983. The club was predominately aimed for black and gay people who came to dance to DJ Frankie Knuckles AKA the godfather of house.

House also had the influence of relaying political messages to the people who were considered to be outcast in society. The music appealed to those who didn’t fit into the American society. Many black males celebrated the music.

I used a few technologies e.g. Mac computer and a Bluetooth keyboard. In the past, to create a track they had to use a drum machine with the synthesizer, keyboard, sequencer and a sampler to record onto the mixing desk.

My biggest inspirations to produce House music were from David Guetta, Calvin Harris, Route 94 and Marc Kinchen (MK).

I compare myself to those DJs like David Guetta who was my first inspiration back in 2009 with his song ‘Sexy Chick’ and ‘When Love Takes Over’. Calvin Harris was my second inspiration not only based on his music, I was more like him as a performer. Route 94 was my third inspiration because of his No.1 hit wonder song ‘My Love’. Finally, MK was my fourth inspiration to create an idea of remixing someone’s tune to spice things up.

Reference: House music #R.F.T.W.


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