Spider-Man: Homecoming, guys!

Tom Holland announced the new title of the film that we will see Peter Parker going back to school in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Tom who was casted as Peter AKA web-slinging friendly neighbourhood for this year’s in Captain America: Civil War ahead of his solo film reboot for the second time since Marc Webb‘s The Amazing Spider-Man in 2012, the first reboot to Sam Raimi‘s Spider-Man released in 2002.

In case people who lives outside of US don’t know what’s Homecoming. It’s a tradition of welcoming back alumni of a school. It can happen in universities, colleges and high schools.

Tom is the third actor to play Spider-Man since Tobey Maguire first played the original in 2002. To date, he’s the second British actor to play Spider-Man since Andrew Garfield who originally replaced Maguire for the reboot in 2012.

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After TASM sequel had performed poorly in the box office, received mixed reviews on too many characters (e.g. villains), the story structure and many characters were undeveloped. In October 2014, Kevin Feige of Marvel Studios have been emailing Amy Pascal of Sony Pictures to do a share licence deal on the character to appear in Cap 3. The first attempt broke down due to the hacking scandel at Sony Pictures Entertainment headquarters. However they tried it again in February 2015, this time they both got the deal finalised to allow the character appear in Cap’s third movie that’s coming on April 29th for UK while US will wait until May 5th.

Spider-Man’s fans have been waiting their wish to see the web head to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a long time. I thought when Avengers Assemble came out in 2012, I did wonder why Spider-Man is not in the movie when he has his own. I said “it could be more awesome to have Spider-Man with The Avengers like everybody’s talking about it non-stop.” Guess what, it finally came true after all.

Since then, we were waiting on the news on Spider-Man with Tom Holland playing the role until March 2016 when we saw him in action as he was on Iron Man‘s side.

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