Unit 8: Project Context

Task 2: Project Concept

The concept I decided upon was to produce an E.P that will contain four songs.

  • Track one will be an original
  • Track two will be a cover remix of a popular song
  • Track three will be a sample remix of a classic tune
  • Track four will be another original.

The skills and techniques I will be using are mixing, producing, composing, mastering, arranging and formatting.

I will showcase my E.P. to the target audience to demonstrate my personal skills, promote myself and hope to develop a fan base.

My favourite DJs that I find inspiring helped me to decide to produce an E.P of House music of David Guetta, Calvin Harris, Route 94 and Marc Kinchen (MK).

Each makes House music in their own individual style. I want to use pieces of each of my favourite DJs unique presentations to form and develop a style all my own.

The targeted audience I am aiming at is the range between mid-teens to early 30s.

I will need to book a studio to work with an artist to provide vocals on one of my tracks in terms of collaborating on a 50/50 deal. Prior to which I have arranged a meeting for rehearsal with the artist.


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