Unit 8: Project Context

Task 1: Rationale

Following a ‘Merit’ from BTEC Level 2 Music course, I came to learn in the Live Sound Unit to rig back lines for a three-piece band. I understand how songs and live performances changed the world (e.g. societies, cultures, beliefs and legacies). I analyse more songs in depth, understanding the landscape of the music industry, finding my personal Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (S.W.O.T.).

My Strengths:

  • DJing, Producing/remixing original tracks, presenting song context.

My Weakness:

  • Producing synth song and sample track song.

My Opportunities:

  • Live DJ sets, recording radio song and questioning guest speakers on job roles in music.

My Threats:

  • Copyright issues, changing music taste, intimidation by competitors.


Analysing my skill set, knowledge and understanding, I decided to produce an E.P.


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