Unit 7: Preparation for Specialist Study

How to Flex an Audio Track

Pitch shifting (or other known as Pitch bender) is a sound recording technique in which the original pitch of a vocal shifts higher or lower. It is useful to pitch shift an audio recording when you’re in post-production so you’ll have more time to pitch shift either it is raised or lowered.

So in this article, the pictures below are demonstrations how to pitch shift on Logic Pro X by using a tool called ‘Flex.’

Step One: Click on the Flex button

Open Logic Pro X and try import one to three audio files. After you created audio channel(s), find the icon that the arrow is pointing at (pictured inserted above) and click on that icon to activate ‘Flex’ mode.


Once ‘Flex mode’ is on, go to the section where the arrow is pointing (left picture inserted above) to click and it will show you different type of pitches. The one you’re looking for is ‘Flex Pitch’ (right picture inserted above) which is located at the top of the list.

Step Three: Drag the key-note to change the pitch of the key.

The next step is where the fun part begins… dragging the audio key-note higher or lower. Basically, drag the key note however you want to sound it out. The picture (inserted above) shows what key-note is at the original place but however you can try drag the key note one octave or change key notes (e.g. F#3  to F#2 major or F#3 to E#3 major).

Step 4: What is your outcome?

That’s every you need to know what is Pitch shifting, how do you use Pitch shifting and what is your outcome? It is useful to use Pitch shifting when you’re in post-production. Try not get too stressed if it is not perfect, the pitch of the key-note can always be worked the other way round to come up with solutions.

Note: Never Pitch shift too much if it does not go too well and always take time to listen and try tweak some notes only a little.

Remember, people use pitch shift for  music projects e.g. The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army”. The result of guitarist Jack White playing a 6 string guitar through a pitch shifting effects pedal set to an octave below (even though none of them were bassist but they choose to minic the sound of the bass). Another examples  people use Pitch shift in TV shows like for example: “Alvin and the Chipmunks” and “Looney Toons”.

Without Pitch shift, it would be no fun to minic vocals or instruments in Music or Media.

Reference: Pitch Shift


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