Unit 7: Ultrabeat Tutorial

This is a tutorial of how to use Ultrabeat on Logic Pro (9 or X).

Ultrabeat is a drum synth and pattern sequencer operates your own drum sounds on any genre of your choice.

Step One: Find Ultrabeat



To open up Ultrabeat, you need to create a software track and then you’ll need to go to the section below MIDI FX (top picture inserted) and then you need to click the section that reads ‘Ultrabeat (Drum Synth)’ via ‘Stereo’ (bottom picture inserted).

Step Two: Ultrabeat’s interface



The Ultrabeat interface is divided into three sections:

  • Assignment: The left side of Ultrabeat is where you, select, mix, and assign drum sounds.

  • Synthesizer: The largest area of Ultrabeat is where you design the currently selected drum sound.

  • Step Sequencer: The bottom section of Ultrabeat is where you create drum patterns for the currently selected drum and control the Ultrabeat sequencer.

Step Three: Pick Any Three Areas to be creative


Drum Kits allows you to pick any genre of your choice (e.g. Hip-Hop, R&B, Garage, Deep House etc.).


Drum Banks gives you a chance to pick one individual drum kit part (either Kick, Snare, Hi-Hat, Percussions etc.).


Tutorial Settings ( Tutorial Kit) is a drum kit that contains all the drum sounds discussed in the tutorials. The Tutorial Kit also includes the Standard Tutorial drum sound, which is a default set of neutral parameters that provide an excellent starting point for many of the examples.

That’s all need to know about Ultrabeat and this is why it is useful to create your own drum pattern rather than record a live drum kit. It’s creative and mostly…. fun.


Ultrabeat Tutorial for Dummies

Tutorial Kit


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