Marvel’s Inhumans shelved

MARVEL’S Inhumans has been pulled out of the 2019 release window due to “time issues.”

The answer to X-Men would have made the difference between mutants born with gifted powers and mutants received gifted powers. However for Inhumans, the group of people with mutant powers has been waiting for their own feature film since the release date was originally aimed for 2018 but pushed back to 2019 due to new arrivals of Spider-Man: Homecoming and Ant-Man and the Wasp. Another reason for the pushback is because of the new Indiana Jones could be a bit competive at the box office.

With three years away, it was heading towards out of the development to spring up since their debut in the second season of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. but it went back down in April to allow more time. Kevin Feige commented “The only situation right now is that it’s not going to be part of Phase Three, because Phase Three increased in a very good way since we originally announced it. “When and where and how it pops up remains to be seen, but it’s characters we love, it’s a storyline we love, and we just didn’t want to cram it into an already quite full Phase Three.”

When will Inhumans will come?

Only time will tell if there’s room for Phase 4.



Inhumans Film

Inhumans answer to X-Men

Inhumans pulled out


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