Unit 8: Reflection

The aim of Unit 8 is to create a project of your own choice. For example, you can create an E.P, a sound-to-picture Foley trailer, a radio show and/or a music mega-mix genre of your choice. The project I chose to create was an E.P composed of four tracks. My inspiration came from various house music songs while listening and looking up my favourite DJs e.g. David Guetta, Calvin Harris, Route 94 and Marc Kinchen (MK).

Unit 8 has been a roller coaster from the first half of summer term and it was an amazing experience to work with an artist for three sessions where we did recording of his vocals and did a little tweak balancing vocals and instruments. I worked very hard on the structure of my E.P. For example, I looked online to find out how to construct an E.P, and then I looked on my mobile of pictures of me to create an artwork by using Adobe Photoshop. I listened to everyone’s views and decided to take on board the views that were in line my E.P. project.

The best part of Unit 8 was the presentation because I like expressing myself and talk about the purpose of releasing the E.P. I felt it was exciting to talk about the tracks one by one while playing the previews four tracks for a few minutes. The presentation took place in the college’s courtyard. It was a success as a large amount of students and members of staff attended my presentation and seemed to have enjoyed themselves. The other part of Unit 8 that I enjoyed was interviewing a music producer who works at a youth club who has been in the music industry for 22 years. I received positive feedback from my peers through an ‘E.P. Feedback Form’ that I got them to complete.

What I did not like was the fact that I had to push back the session two times with the artist due to unforeseen circumstances. I came up with solutions to book two sessions in a week to finish recording the artist’s vocals. I also had to tidy the vocals and the instrumental track to balance two as a whole. For example, I had to measure 51% of the vocals to be over the 49% of the instruments in loudness. Issues around marketing came up as I realised that I cannot put a price on my E.P. because I have two remixes that I do not have the permission to release. On the bright side of marketing, I was able to play it to my family and friends.

On reflection, I really enjoyed Unit 8, as it was my first ever experience working with an artist in the music studio, doing a research on an E.P. and putting one together. I have gained insight into the hard work that goes into creating an E.P. and looked at research to acquire knowledge of the marketing aspects. This experience developed my ability to work with other artists and I will able to implement my newly acquired skills for future projects.

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