Should MARVEL’s Runaways be a movie or a TV series?

Since my last post about Runaways has been shelved several times, I have been talking to other people who are comic fans have their opinions on whether should MARVEL’s Runaways be a movie or a TV series.

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That depends on the how long the issues are and the cost and difficulty to make either one of them.

If we say a movie, Marvel Studios would have to wait until Phase Three movie release dates are out of the window and the type where does it fit after Avengers: Infinity War.

However, if we say a TV series (I would recommend Netflix), still depends on how many series Marvel and Netflix would pick up the idea after The Defenders, second series of Jessica Jones and the upcoming yet-to-debut series of The Punisher.

There a lot of possibilities we want to see where the project would go. Either to your silver screens or online demand service. Like Kevin Feige said “We’d love to do something with Runaways some day. In our television and future film discussions.”

I want hear from you, would you like to see Marvel’s Runaways a movie or a TV series?

I leave to you to comment below.


Marvel Cinematic Universe potential projects


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