Marvel Studios’ New Logo

This is the new logo for Marvel Studios when Doctor Strange comes out.


Marvel’s First logo (2002)

Here’s the timeline of how Marvel Studios’ logo has changed since the original Marvel logo first came out in 2002 for the release of Sam Raimi‘s Spider-Man.

Marvel Studios first logo (2008-2011)

Since Iron Man came out in 2008, Marvel Studios introduced their own logo in order to not to be confused with other Marvel related films from 20th Century Fox and Sony Pictures.

(Please note that this is the only video I can find as the rest of the video inserted below after 12 seconds are not official).

The last time the title sequence was featured in Captain America: The First Avenger in 2011 before Marvel Studios introduced a temporal logo for Marvel’s The Avengers (also known in UK and Ireland as Marvel’s Avenger Assemble) in 2012 and lastly in Iron Man 3 in 2013 (inserted below).

Marvel Studios temporally logo (2012-2013)

Marvel Studios second logo (2013-2016)

After five years using their first logo intro, Marvel Studios changed their logo title sequence by spinning in 3D plus with the fanfare during the intro. It was first introduced in Thor: The Dark World in November 2013. The last logo title sequence was recently and lastly featured in Captain America: Civil War.

Marvel Studios third logo (2016-present)

It’s looks like the logo (above) was going to last forever but time has changed. This year, Marvel Studios has changed their logo for the third time (excluding the first one above is still used for 20th Century‘s X-Men). What’s even special that it includes characters (like Captain AmericaIron ManThorThe Incredible HulkHawkeyeBlack Widow, Ant-Man and the rest of the characters appeared from Phase Two that you can name the rest). The logo normally displays the banner ‘Studios’ under ‘Marvel’ but now this updated has changed by placing ‘Marvel’ and ‘Studios’ next to each other. Plus, the new logo has updated the new fanfare so it gives the new feel for Marvel Studios for reminder of Phase Three.

How long is it going to last?

So the question is how long this recent logo will affect other Marvel films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? So far Doctor Strange has updated the trailer and the poster with the new Marvel Studios above the logo. The only place that it will not have the new logo for any place is the TV series on TV and Netflix. Because if you think about it, any shows like Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will keep the old logo as it’s not a Marvel film. So it’ll be different between the new logo for MCU films while the old logo will remain for MCU TV shows to avoid confusions.

The last question I want to point out is how long this new logo for MCU films is going to last?

It’s hard to pick one but I would say during Phase Four, I think it’ll change but I’m not sure as it’s too soon to discuss it. In the meanwhile, enjoy watching all Phase Three films for the next three years to come.


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