Marvel Netflix Update: Luke Cage

Marvel’s Luke Cage is almost here, just nearly a month to go until we see the man with unbreakable skin (played by Mike Colter) is coming to your Netflix on Friday 30th September.

There were two trailers showing one part is the teaser of Luke Cage was fighting against a gang of people and the other shows more details of Luke’s origin and the mystery of Luke’s enemy who send guys to kill him but failed successfully.

Trailer 1


Trailer 2


The episodes has announced that it’ll be named after a Gang Starr song as Cheo Hodari Coker (showrunner of the series) explained that he wanted the series to be “like a album. Like when Prince put out an album, you would shut things out and listen to the whole thing. But now, with TV, you binge watch. This show is made to binge. The music helps, but it is all about the pace.”

Coker refers Luke Cage “the the WuTang-ification of Marvel [CinematicUniverse and declared that “the world is ready for a bulletproof black man”—which could be the line of the whole con.

We cannot wait to see Claire Temple (played by Rosario Dawson) to be featured as a guest where in trailer two (watch above) was about to be hit but Luke saved her as we don’t have a clue what brings Claire in Harlem? Only one way to find out that you need to watch Luke Cage when it debuts on 30th September and don’t miss any of the action (like a guy tried to punch Luke but broke his hand, ouch).

This Wu  Tang-ification of Marvel in Harlem is going to be un-breakable exciting and pretty hip-hop cool.


Luke Cage wiki

Luke Cage – a Wu Tang-ification of Marvel


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