Marvel Netflix Update: Iron Fist

Iron Fist has already dropped its teaser trailer in July showing the young Daniel Rand crashed landed in the place where he learned his power of chi also known as his name…Iron Fist (played by Fin Jones).


After several years training, Danny returned to New York and is already dealing his settlement in his family’s business but there are threats among to Danny as he encounter enemies who might be linked to his parents’ death will do nothing but to take Danny down but he won’t give up on his family’s business to the wrong hands until the end.

The teaser shows young Danny on the plane with his mother holding on to him before the plane crashed landed on a mountain nearer to where he was taken care by the people who gave him the strength and the training before he returns to New York years later. However later in the teaser, it shows Danny was strapped to the bed, trying to break free before he threw the bed to the wall and it broke thoroughly and concludes a male voice saying “Hello Danny.” Then comes with the title sequence of the series showing the Iron Fist symbol that represents an ‘O’ on Iron Fist logo.

Iron Fist was in development as a film project but nothing came into fruition years back. Until Marvel Television picked up the series of 13 episodes of Iron Fist before he’ll join with DaredevilJessica Jones and Luke Cage (played by Charlie CoxKrysten Ritter and Mike Colter) in a crossover series of Marvel’s The Defenders which will debut next summer of 2017 (just months after Iron Fist debut).

Expect Jeri Hograth (played by Carrie-Anne Moss) to guest star (possibly) in the opening episode when she helps Rand once he returns to New York.

Look out for more trailers for Iron Fist sometime late 2016 and/or early 2017 as possible to reveal more details of Danny’s origin and expectations during the series.


Iron Fist TV series


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