Unit 10: Preparing for Progression Task 1.1.1

My Draft Personal Statement for University.

I am a dedicated, hardworking, young individual looking forward to study and progressing my professional development in the media and music industry. I am currently on the path to completing my studies for a UAL Level 3 in Music Production, and plan to progress to studying to create mixed media projects.

I am very keen to develop my media role as a screenwriter and director for numerous film projects I have been involved with. I have been given the opportunity and funding to create and direct my own documentary film based on my life, in which I have learned a great deal about the practical skills needed to create a multimedia product including music, film, screenwriting, production, planning and working with actors, technicians and the backstage crews all within a budget.

I have been studying UAL Level 3 in Music Production for over a year at South Thames College (Wandsworth site). What I learned in the course is that I expanded my knowledge on music analysis on how long a song is in terms of BPM, time signature, pace, structure of verse, chorus, bridge etc. and what instruments are in the song(s).

These skills will enable me to find employment across the creative industries. Skills such as the structure of music are important in using creativity and being more flexible and confident in expressing distinctive interpretation. Without these important analytical skills, I would not be making music using industry standard equipment.

Based on my first documentary short film, I experimented with my filming and editing skills, using music as an art piece as some songs in the short film are time stretched due to copyright issues. Thanks to that copyright rule, the outcome of my short film showed the video in slow motion with colours characterized by dynamism and interaction, giving a better feeling of memory slowed down as if they are viewed from my head.

With my skills at the highest standard, I can edit video and audio confidently. I can provide my music to blend in with the environment of a scene, and I also have experience in making music for film soundtracks.

To conclude, I am really looking foward to show you my variety of creativity in music and filmming as I can multi task one thing at the time if the process runs smoothly and calmly without rushing at last minute.

©Jaywordpressnews 2016


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