Unit 10: Preparing for Progression Task 1.2

The role of the DJ

DJ: Disk Jockey (DJ for short) is a person who plays/mixes songs with a turntable and vinyl’s, CDJs and compact disk (CDs) or a MIDI electronic controller connected to a computer/laptop. All DJ’s starts from the bottom by taking part in workshops, to learn basic tutorials and understand the history of music evolution for example. DJ’s also learn how mixing different genres works and practice mixing songs to the right BPM.

The work of a DJ begins in the evenings at various venues such as House parties, birthday parties, wedding parties, festive events etc. When starting out as a beginner, you need to be as flexible as possible in your choices of music so you can appeal to as many paying clients as possible. When you made your name as a top DJ, you can be more specific because fans will come to your events and people will hire you for your name.

  • My first career choice is DJing and here is the research why I strongly agree my first choice is the right choice for me. Also how I am going to reach my goal?
  • DJing can lead me to expand my profile by traveling to different venues in different parts of the world. People like professional DJs need to go beyond their comfort zone and learn new places to expand their network by connecting with new people. By getting more recognition, I will be able to charge a higher rate for my services. When starting out and putting a price rate on sets, it depends on my sound quality of my gear and how long my set is etc.

I am currently working as a part time youth worker at a youth club, and I am also their main DJ for disco nights every month in the academic year (except for November). I have been their main DJ for over five years and now I am teaching young people with disabilities/learning difficulties how to DJ for upcoming discos. This is the reason why I am strongly suited to this job and because of that, I made myself a good example as a role model to the next generation, helping them to understand where I have started, moving from the bottom to a higher level of the game.

Routes into this career:

My role model is David Guetta and the reason why I look up to him is because his music got me into the House genre.

David Guetta followed his own route into the world of DJing. He was born in Paris, and was in his late teens when he started DJing in the 1980s, later becoming one of the most recognisable icons in the EDM scene.

From the 1980s to the early 2000s, he worked in nightclubs as a DJ that kept him going until he got himself a big break by releasing his debut 2002 album ‘Just a Little More Love’.

He discovered House music when he was working in a gay club, which caught his attention, later he studied what really happened in the U.S. on the House genre scene.

After he discovered House music, he was prompted to make experimental music with House and Acid House. The latter that arrived in France but it was not very well liked. His constant work with his music helped make House music popular throughout France.

This was David Guetta’s path but there are various ways to get into DJing. Once you’re DJing skills are at the very highest level, you can develop one popular route for example, becoming a pirate radio DJ. Pirate radio is very popular in many areas, allowing you to build a fan base easily.

Pros and Cons

 The pro side of DJing I enjoy the most is:

  • Where I perform my selected songs in the mix to the large crowd indoors and/or outdoors as long as it’s big like the Glastonbury ravers.
  • Where I take on new opportunities to DJ at activity related festivals and/or discos etc.
  • Meeting new people and start networking so I can be easily recognise wherever I go.

The con side of DJing I would not enjoy is:

  • Schedules are not properly organised on the day of my set but later in the day, it turns out I’m not actually playing my set after all.
  • Playing different genres that do not suit me in terms of mixing. It would take me a lot of time to mix different genre but it will put me off focusing on House.
  • Playing my set mix for a shorter time than expected.
  • Playing a wrong type of song that would put off some people’s vibe by knowing their body language if they are dancing or standing.



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