Unit 10: Preparing for Progression Task 1.3

My Personal Development

My personal goal after college is to go to Spain for a summer to learn Spanish, look at landmarks, explore new places and examine House music in Europe.

The place I want to visit in Spain is Barcelona. The reason why I chose that place is because my sister went to Barcelona before and she loved it.

Since then, I have been dreaming, thinking and waiting for an opportunity to see what would happen if I ever visit there in the future. This could improve my confidence, moving out of my comfort zone and having a new experience through leaving a country I have not left since the day I was born.

First of all, the pro side: I love meeting new people, exploring new places I never been before and looking for opportunities such as DJing in nightclubs etc. I would also like to meet someone with whom I can exchange language skills, learning Spanish from them while they learn English from me.

Secondly, the con side: I have worried about traveling to countries like Spain, where some tourists can be dangerous, and you could be left shaken if you encountered someone trying to steal your handbag/backpack, wallet, smartphone(s) and your valuable items like jewellery etc. After all, the world can be a dangerous place wherever I go; there will be warning signs to be alert for dangerous areas. So as long as I keep myself safe, I can enjoy my holiday as positively as I can.

A quick search on Google Maps shows more than twenty nightclubs around Barcelona. Several of them play house on a certain nights, meaning there might be an opportunity for me to do some free guest DJing, or at least to get to know how the house scene works in another country.

I have researched and compared the accommodation websites AirBnB and Student.com. Here’s the comparison between the two sites and my opinion of the pros and cons.

  1. AirBnB – I have chosen as my first option for me and my family the flat called Cambiamos piso en Barcelona por New York. It has room for three people, exactly what I need and it’s closer to the beach and the park. The rent is £46 per night, so I can stay there for a week which is more advantageous than a long stay. I worked out the overall cost is £322 a week. The reason I like this option is because the rent is cheaper, it has room for exactly for three people and it’s closer to the hotspot I really wanted to visit everyday to enjoy the outdoor Spanish weather. What surprised me about the flat is that I thought it would have a pool but apparently it’s only for shared or private accommodation.
  2. Student.com –  My second option I chose is from Student.com. It is the room called TLS Muntaner 233 and it is near Diagonal Metro station so I can travel in Barcelona using Metro L3 and L4 which takes me to the beach and nightclubs. The rent is €405 per month (£361.69) overall if you’re using gas, internet. electricity etc. so it is not bad for overall rent but it is worth staying for a week rather staying longer. However, this is for only one person, so I worked out the cost for three people for one week is £303. The reason I like this option is because the rooms are small and cosy however traveling on the Metro to Barcelona would be a bit longer if there’s a traffic jam in the rush hour.

So after researching the different options, the Student.com is cheaper and has better reviews than AirBnB. So I would have choose AirBnB because even though more expensive, it’s also closer to the beach and the park so I can walk rather than travel on Metro transport.


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