Unit 10: Preparing for Progression Task 2


Kickstarter is an American public funding website that builds on crowdfunding globally, focuses on creativity in Music, Media, Art & Design and Digital Arts etc.

It was founded in Brooklyn, New York, US over seven years ago and since then the website has grown internationally. From 2012 onwards, it opened platforms at United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Denmark, Ireland, Norway, Sweden and Spain.

Kickstarter’s mission statement is:

“Kickstarter helps artists, musicians, filmmakers, designers, and other creators find the resources and support they need to make their ideas a reality. To date, tens of thousands of creative projects — big and small — have come to life with the support of the Kickstarter community.”

Designs of website, is up to date with layouts that are broad, bold and realistic. Privacy: all kickstarter projects are public, meaning no privacy for personal projects.
Helps many people around the world to start a project and support creativity bringing it to life. Risk of security, showing off when you’re not ready to start your project.
It has fifteen diverse categories of projects allowing a wide range of needs to be covered. Some people would feel insecure and fearful of getting humiliated in public.
Friends, fans, and inspired strangers have pledged $2.7billion to projects on Kickstarter, funding everything from homemade postcards to Oscar-winning documentaries. Success rate over seven years is 35.77%
112,507 projects have been successfully funded. The most successful category is Music with 23,895 projects funded. 202,060 projects have been unsuccessful, in other words, more fail than succed. The most failed category is Film & Video with 36,171 projects scrapped. Music is the second most failed category with 23,925 projects also scrapped.
The more backers you will gain, the more your funding will raise enough to complete your project. Some people would not buy a very expensive product from an unproven designer / unknown publisher.


Kickstarter has been ranked No.2 in the Top Ten Crowdfunding websites. At No.1 is the UK’s popular crowdfunding website called GoFundMe. The two websites are mainly different as Kickstarter only focuses on creative arts while GoFundMe focuses on general projects.

Other People’s Opinions

  1. On the negative side

One reviewer said, “If a Kickstarter project asks for too much” money, worse case scenario that they will sink “their ship before it’s even taken off.”

Another reviewer commented on his Kickstarter campaign said, “Even with the smaller production run, the costs of shipping and the cuts from Amazon and Kickstarter would’ve put me well in the red.”

2. On the positive side

One reviewer said, “One thing the Kickstarter provides is a format and venue to get your product in front of the masses’ eyes.”

Another reviewer said they have gained more learning about “reaching others” by “writing a press release and social media marketing etc.”

Lastly, Brian Fargo the successful Kickstarter project creator commented Kickstater is “a way for every creative person to control their destiny.”


In my opinion of Kickstarter, I like how it runs and how it funds creative arts projects for only serious people to give them the experience of unlocking new skills and the learning curve of starting your own project with confidence and enthusiasm. However, I am not very pleased about the success rate and I would not sign up to Kickstarter, as I feel a bit insecure and would not exploit myself to the Internet. Also, I would not allow Kickstarter to do the calculations, as it has confused other people who ran or are currently running a project and has not covered their costs.


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