Unit 10: Preparing for Progression Task 1.1

Analysis of Met Film School

The course that I feel I would like to do next year is Practical Filmmaking Diploma (DIPHE) at Met Film School.

Met Film School

  • Location of course: Ealing, West London
  • Cost of the course: £28,500
  • UCAS Entry requirements: 64 UCAS Tariff points
  • Type of course: Practical Filmmaking Diploma (DIPHE)

Course Content:

There are four block of that contains five core modules learn from:

  • Ideas and story – Learn how to develop creative ideas across a range of formats, including short form, documentaries, factual television, web series and fiction film.
  • Character and performance – Explore the various techniques for shaping character and performance across a variety of platforms, including fiction, documentary and episodic productions.
  • Image and sound – Learn how to use camera, lighting and sound techniques to create visually and sonically compelling stories for fiction, documentary and episodic productions.
  • Postproduction – Discover creative and technical skills across the full range of postproduction workflows, including offline editing, sound design, VFX and colour grading.
  • Screen Business – Find out how to market and distribute screen content across a range of media platforms, including film, television and new media.

  • Student Success rate:

– The overall of Met Film School has been rated 3.8 out of 5 stars.

– The job prospects of people getting a job or two has been rated 3.6 out of 5 stars.

– The Uni facilities at Met Film School students used has been rated 3.5 out of 5 stars.

  • Ranking:

Met Film School achieved a ranking in the Top 10 UK Film Schools of No.2.

This was based on reviews of Choice of Courses, the school’s facilities that includes: Sony EX3 Mark II, JVC HD Cameras, two Sony F3 cameras and a 4K RED camera (for teaching demonstration only). It also got 150 Apple workstations, which allows you to use state of the art industry software (e.g. Final Cut Pro X).

The school also has one of the original sound stages as their on-site studio space. This allows students to record their work within the same setting and giving them more time to record clearer sounds without any disturbances.

The school has so far three well known alumni:

– David Roden – Development Editor for Continuing Drama at the BBC.

See link below for why David Roden supports Met Film School


– Marcus Markou – Writer/Director – Papadopoulous and Sons.

See link below to give insight of his work and study at Met Film School and beyond.


– Sophie Habib-Deloncle – Practical Filmmaking Diploma

Her time at the MetFilm School started with her not knowing the first thing about filmmaking but she was “a film enthusiast.” For a year and a half, she learned how to do every roles from preproduction to postproduction, and she was capable of completing any job roles on set.

See the link below for more of the story


  • Employability Rate

According to The Student Room website, it shows the 2014 Graduate Survey statics of 81% of students from the undergraduate programmes end up working in the creative industries.

However, I couldn’t find a second source to support this statistic.

  • The Reason

The reason why I chose Met Film School is because music and film works together in a mixed media combination, and to be successful in the music production world I need to know how film works with music to allow moviegoers to capture the mood with sound as well as picture. The music industry needs to capture live performance and create promotional materials using the film. I am very interested in both music and film, having recently being involved in making a short film and doing a soundtrack for it, it gives me a better chance to try something new to co-operate music and film creatively together.

  • Pros and Cons

 The location is not that bad as it is an hour away from my house but my biggest worry is that I have a Freedom Pass and cannot travel on National Rail until after 09:30am.

I like the course content as it is interesting and it really covers everything I mostly enjoyed in my past experiences.

I really like how Met Film School has got loads of expensive quality high professional equipment and it has got professional state of the art software like Final Cut Pro for instance. It would be very useful as I have used Final Cut Pro in the past.

I am not very sure about the cost of the course as it is expensive but there is nothing I can do to go around it but pay it through my pocket money.



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