Marvel’s Runaways are running quickly to TV!

Marvel’s Runaways has been given a green light go for a TV series with the pilot and the additional scripts are on their way to screen sometime in 2017 as possible.

Runaways poster

Runaways TV will primarily revolve based on Vol.1

Runaways are finally running quickly to your TV screens in 2017 where we cannot wait to see the original six members to join forces to defeat their parents who are part the evil organisation called The Pride.

It has been six years since Marvel Studios tried to attempt to adapt the first Volume into a film but they left it tooooo long and it was halted to make way for Marvel’s The Avengers. Afterwards, rumours has been going on for so long, it was first rumoured that Runaways film was about to release in 2014 but nothing went to fruition. Then follows by another rumour that it was in the schedule of the Phase Three but it was false.

After a long wait of nothing really new since Marvel Studios put on the brake for Runaways, it was picked up specially by Marvel Television and Hulu TV to give it a green light for the 2017 release date. The series will be written by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage who best known for Gossip Girl will be show runners of season one. I thought Netflix could give a helping hand since the last time I recommended but nothing was mentioned about Runaways in Netflix’s 2017 schedule.

Anyways, it has been a dream come true for not only to myself but for every fans in the world has been anxiously excited and very hyped that we cannot wait to see who will be playing the original six Runaways characters. I’ll keep an eye out for any updates on the web and while we wait a little ’til 2017, grab Runaways Vol.1 or if you haven’t got one… get one quick!!!

Marvel’s Runaways season one will debut sometime in 2017. You never know, they’ll keep on running until they arrive to your TV screen quick like Quicksilver.**

Note *: I meant from the Marvel Cinematic Universe not from the X-Men Universe.

Note **: It was a expression. I was fooling around. Sorry.

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Runaways TV

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