Unit 9: Developing Performance and Production Skills


Live Productions Sound

Week One was all about the introduction of what is live production sound and how it works.

Live Production Sound is an event at any places in the world where you experience playing live sounds of any instrument loops on Ableton Push and/or hardwire synths. It only requires two or more people to help you with your set and theirs in return.

To get the idea what set you want to play, I have to watch last year’s set of how they cooperate the set in their roles of each instrument they play. It was amusing and interesting of how they looked calm and focused when they were playing.

At first of all, thought it was hard as I never experienced playing Ableton Push or any hardwire synths live before but the idea of practicing with different equiptment is to cooperate in a small group of two or three to take part roles so you won’t be alone doing it by yourself.

We used loops that was produced by the tutor so that we had something to work with and to practice with.

We were also to the Korg Volca which will be the important of the live sound performace. The Volca produces drums, basslines and melodies which are in sync with Ableton. This gives the track  a greater depth texture and contrast.

Because we were in working in small groups, we were able to discuss and reflect on the work we did.


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