Unit 9: Developing Performance and Production Skills

Week 4

On Week Four, we were split into groups of three and four to cooperate in a group using Ableton Push and different hardware equipment to sync in a set each for three. Before we got started, we have to go to the room next door to bounce the audio stems of our own songs and the FutureShock remixes as a WAV or AIFF files not MP3 files for technical reasons. After we bounced it onto a folder that contains all of our stems on our USB disks, we imported the stems onto the Ableton Live programme and saved it if only our folders are in the programme as individual stems cannot be saved as it would be lost/untraceable after closing the programme.

In my group of three, it was me, Jacob and Ryan are playing House (me and Jacob) and Grime (Ryan). Originally as it planned, I was volunteered to play my two songs first, followed by  Jacob and Ryan comes in last to play his grime remix. While each of us take turns, some of us has to pick any hardwire to cooperate as part of our assignment. So this gives a better responsibility equally as a whole.

I wrote a target is to finalised my mix in the Ableton, famarilise any hardwire equipments to develop new skills that is out of my comfort zone and practice sequencing audio loops from top to bottom of two songs differently.

I first started my practice my set from my original to the FutureShock remix beginning to the end. After me, Ryan has his turn to practice of his FutureShock remix and we seemed to enjoy plying live sounds like never before.

It may be hard but I still got a lot support from my group to rehearse and get used to trying new equipment to familiarise with and get along with others to look out as a team.


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