Unit 9: Developing Performance and Production Skills

Week 3

On Week Three, we learned more in depth of advanced Ableton techniques such as Impulse Drums, Control Surfaces, Simpler, Instrument Racks, Chorder and Scaler.

  • Impulse Drums is a software that allows you to use different drum sounds on the computer.
  • With multiple controls which are automatically assigned to a parameter, Control Surfaces enables you to use MIDI Remote strips to combat the issue of using buttons one at a time.
  • From dragging a direct clip or from Ableton’s browser, you can load a single audio file through Simpler.
  • Instrument Racks can be used for a multitude of reasons from working with effects, plug-ins and instruments. It is a tool which gives you the opportunity to either handle multiple devices or a single device.
  • Chorder and Scaler can be used simultaneously with chorder being useful alongside the scaler plug-in. The role of chorder is to create a chord from a single MIDI whilst scaler allows you to constrict each note to a specified scale.

You can drop audio effects onto a track to manipulate sounds using effects units such as: EQ, Reverb, Echo, Amp, Compressor etc. I have used EQ for live sounds, this ensures that my tracks have a more live feel as I am adjusting it manually. Also when transitioning from one track to another I make sure I turn down the Low and Mid frequencies to make sure no one hears the kick or the bass.

We also learned how to use Kaos pads to manipulate sounds from Ableton and any hardwire equipments. It also possible for a vocalist to plug in the microphone and manipulate the voice of a vocalist.

We learned another technique involving live scratching and sampling which is produced on turntables. Using Vinyls or Pioneer CJD1000s and a mixer, you can use either of the two as part of live sound performance to develop techniques for new ideas. We experimented playing samples in time with a beat, I prefered using Ableton and the synthesizer as part of challenging myself to learn new skills that is out of my comfort zone.


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