Unit 9: Developing Performance and Production Skills

Week 2

On Week Two of practicing live sound, we looked at how to use the Ableton Push and its advance teachniques effects.

We were introduced to different tools and how they effect your track.

For example, I used the three EQ effect to create bass, mid and high drum effects only on the kick loop. I turned down the kick while playing the bass at the beginning and fed this in to build up a wall of sound.

We also learned how to covert audio loop of a melody into a MIDI note so whoever is in my group can learn how to play the notes by using the synths. By coverting the audio loop into a MIDI note, we have the flexiabilities to create different sound and patterns.

Then we looked at the techniques of live instrumental freestylying which involves with sampling at the right beat and time signature. To achieve these effect, we used turntable of vinyl scratching and CDJs for electronic mixing.

The MPC was preloaded with audio samples and it is useful to play drum parts live while playing the instrument (e.g. piano, bass etc.) on the loop. We learned how to record drum parts live by pressing the ‘REC’ button and at the same time, we can record the drum parts by over dubbing.

There was a interactive part where our tutor was giving a demonstration how to set up short live set using the loops by our tutor.


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