Unit 9: Developing Performance and Production Skills

Week 5

On Week Five, it was the second rehearsal for our group is to practice our songs of the original and the FutureShock remix in each of our turns. Some of the people in my group has put their stems in the Ableton Live programme but not completely as they did not put their stems fully on the programme last week but managed to put all of our stems on the programme in the end.

My target for the week was to practice any hardware equipment of choice to cooperate with my group and finalising my set of clips to remember and save all of the clips as I had a problem earlier that my stems was gone but my tutor showed me how to restore all of the stems so I can learn from that issue next time.

I played the key notes of Jacob’s orignal song and practiced with a synth keyboard to play the right key-note to match the groovy 80’s soulful piano loop. While I was playing the synth keyboard, Jacob was playing with the Korgs to freestyle the drums and the basses. Even though we were jaming as we found something that we thought a plan after the session.

After Tuesday’s session, me and Jacob (whom we are now a duo) had arranged a out-of-session rehearsal to practice our arrangement on Thursday afternoon and it was successful. I practiced my set before Jacob has his turn and we had a talk afterwards. He suggested that while he plays the Korgs drums and basses, I remove the hi-hat stem to allow the Korg hi-hat to play and cooperate the stems on the Ableton and the basses on the other Korgs machine.

The result of that week was a good result and we didn’t mind some changes but it’s always good to change a little not a lot. Otherwise, things would not go to the plan as supposed.



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