Unit 9: Developing Performance and Production Skills

Week 6

On Week Six, it was our fourth rehearsal and it’s very close to the performance which is a week away to go. For today, we changed a bit of our plan of in order of who goes on first. It was suggested that Jacob wanted to do his part first before my part as it would build up the vibe so it doesn’t stay flat as a pancake.

On the bit of the bright side, Jacob brought his DrumBite machine which makes drum sounds and basses sort of similar to the 909 machine. His DrumBite was exciting and interesting as it was one of out SMART target to try his DrumBite for a experiment with Ableton and the Korg machines.

Also in our SMART target, Jacob needed to get his FutureShock remix which he put it in the Ableton programme and finalised the overall set for me and Jacob but not completely for his FutureShock as we ran out of time to do the reflection.

At the end of the day, we originally meant to meet up on Friday as part of a out-of-session rehearsal but Jacob couldn’t do Friday due to the event at London Excel as I told him I can’t do Thursday because  I had a meeting all day and work afterwards in a tight schedule. It wasn’t my or Jacob’s fault that we couldn’t meet up on a same day at the same time but we can still think of a soluation next week when we meet up again on Tuesday, the day before the performance starts the following.



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