Unit 9: Developing Performance and Production Skills

Week 7

On Week Seven, it was the final week that we got one more rehearsal a day before our performance on Wednesday 14th December.

In our rehearsal, we came up a name for our group to be officially known as ‘House Bubble’. It was Jacob’s suggestion for the new name and I like the name because it’s catchy and nice.

During our rehearsal, our target for today was to practice in the limit time of 20 minutes from Jacob’s original song to my original song before transitioning into FutureShock remix and then Jacob’s FuturShock remix is the last song in our set to perform. Which the latter was meant to be on the Ableton programme before last week but ran out of time. To know the limit of time, I got my phone out to keep the eye of the stopwatch to play songs within time of four and a half-minutes including a minute transitioning from one song to another and then another four and a half-minute with my song and the same goes for another and so on for Jacob’s remix. The result of the rehearsal was good and well perfectly organised within the time limit of our set.

Eariler before we started, we had the difficulty of hardwire equipment (such as Ableton, Korg MIDIs and Jacob’s DrumBite) were not in sync for technical reasons but we managed to got all of the equipments to sync in the end via preferences.

By the end of our final rehearsal, we really enjoyed the rehearsals we have for the last three weeks and we worked very well in term of House genre interest and co-operating ideas to jam together like we’re a group for years but it has been only for three weeks.


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