Unit 9: Developing Performance and Production Skills

Review of the Live Production Sound Performanceimg_20161214_212355

This is the review of the Live Production Sound Performance on Wednesday 14th December.

We came in college earlier than 11am usually is because we have to bring the hardwire equipment down to the canteen to rig all of the equipment that was listed on the paper were:

  • iMac (No.1) with Ableton Software
  • Ableton Push
  • Mixing Console (12 Channels)
  • Korg Volca Set
  • Kaoss Pad
  • V Synth
  • Octo Pad
  • Bass Guitar + D.I.
  • QSC’s x3
  • Sub speakers
  • Amplifier
  • Moog
  • Dave Smith Prophet
  • FX Unit
  • XDJs x2
  • CDJs x2
  • Pioneer DJM750
  • SM58
  • MPC5000
  • Power
  • Leads / Tape
  • Tables

We carried the equipment one by one via two lifts separately and then we place it at the corner of the canteen next to the counter but further apart and it’s against the glass where outside is the courtyard people walk by.

The schedule of the day was from 11:30am to 4pm and the running order of people who are performing came apart from one person who couldn’t make it today due to illness.

Me and Jacob’s performance was meant to be at 14:05pm but we came on under two hours early after 12:30pm. We had a slight problem before we started was Jacob’s DrumBite weren’t responding when he was dialling EQ effects and the volume of individual instruments. This was due to technical connection between his DrumBite and the Korg MIDI controllers. Luckily this was sorted as we switched the main wire that does synchronisation to the DrumBite controller.

After we sorted the wiring, I started the stopwatch to build up Jacob’s original and I started playing the synthesizer in chord progression of his song’s key-note. During of the performance, I got a bit distracted by Jacob’s dialling decay effects of the hi-hat was a bit loud, I went slightly off focus of playing key notes. So I have to press the C major note a few times to cover my slight mistakes and have to listen to the beat as well as the soulful piano loop carefully to not make any mistakes apart from earlier I made.

When the stopwatch was reaching nearly four and a half minutes, we moved on to my original song. However, when I was turning on the Deep Techno Bass on the Ableton, we noticed it was not sync in properly so Jacob has to time his DrumBite to the correct BPM and continued from there. After my original, we transitioned into my FutureShock remix and moving onwards to Jacob’s remix. I helped him by pressing some instrument parts as well as pressing the stutters of 1/8/ 1/12, 1/16 and 1/32.

We finished our performance by ten seconds to spare and we got a huge ovation by the crowd of audience including our friends, teachers, staff emebers of the canteen and students. Me and Jacob congratulated ourselves for putting an exciting performance and Jacob said to me that “we should carry on more performing” as a duo requently. I agreed what he said because I enjoyed working with one person as it was the beginning step to accept new challenges so I will carry that experience to a whole new level.

To conclude for ratings, I rate me and Jacob’s performace 9/10, everyone who performed solo (first year’s of Level 3 Music Production) 9/10 and in groups (my year) 9/10 also.

I think I prefer this year’s DJ performance than last year (apart from the canteen I was in the same room over a year ago) but back then, it was my firsr time for me as a DJ to perform in the college where I was a bit nervous and made some mistakes on the last day last year. So I learnt some errors I made last year and went away to improve my confidence as a DJ for this year. One of which was in the college where I took part on a special occasion for the open day and took on a new challege to try and learn how to rehearse with Jacob I know very well but I never worked with him DJing before and perform live sound as a group, so I can take the positivity from that experience for next time when there will be another performance to come.


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