Unit 12: Final Major Project Task 7


This is the final part of my Final Major Project that I did the presentation to the audience including my teachers during week 6 when I was still working on my project.

Here’s the video of myself presenting my Task 1 & 2 I did so far projecting from WordPress before I went back to rework both tasks after hearing the reviews from my tutor.*


How did it went?

When I was talking about Task 1 of Unit 12, I explained my personal development very good on the part I explained on how I learned to analyse songs in depth and how I expanded my music taste to experiment one or two genres to the diverse of artists and genres.

I continued talking on how my presenting skills has given me the confidence when I present my own composition to the audience and I became more receptive to hear the reviews back from the audience either a good or a constructed criticism to remember what I will do for next time for my next project.

The next part I spoke about was the project concept. My explanation went well when I explained to the audience about my project and the influences who I looked up to as my inspirations. I did explained M.I.A and Fuse ODG as my inspirations because of their music is very experimental and interesting in terms of their purposes for their respective peers and the masses of audience.

Later on, I talked about my outgoing evaluation very well when I explained to the audience about the plan after editing was to upload my music video onto YouTube and then share it across social media after I unveil it in the public place.

I moved on to Task 2 which is the research. I did very good of talking about the three key areas I looked up and acknowledged the facts of the research and why is it relevant to my project. I really liked talking  about the history of experimental music and dance music as I found it interesting to know how I acknowledge the parts of the research is what I want to experiment genres by trying out different types of music to blend and mix.

Lastly, I enjoyed talking about Cultural Diversity as I felt excited when I spoke to the audience that cultural diversity is when they accept a person who she/he is different should be treated as fairly and equally.

How could it been better?

At first of all, I didn’t pre-plan my presentation as this was due to my busy commitments of writing down my evaluation, rescheduling my weekly planner (as I mentioned in the problem solving) and I was busy overall with the project. So since I didn’t have time to prepare for an actual presentation, I have to go the only option to present Task 1 & 2 to the audience including my teachers that I wrote so far during that time.

When I was presenting my project to the audience and my teachers, I tried to not turn my head back and forth too much between them and the screen. I felt part of talking in the research was quite difficult to gel when I was explaining to the the audience about experimental music and dance music. I thought to myself when I was talking, I tried to make it smoothly as best as I can but I couldn’t talk it through clearly than I thought.

I was not aware of time frames when doing my presentation and my teachers were reminding me of  the time scales. During the presentation, I heard no constructed criticism when I finished my talking which it may have gone a little bit over time, but this will be a good experience for me for the future.


On the day of the performance that the college has organised, I felt that evening was one of my best experiences of blending video imagery and audio DJ set at the public event as a DJ.

I encountered a big problem solving which I explained in Task 3 and 5 where I got the dates mixed up on a Monday which was the day not a Tuesday. Not only that was the case, I thought I was going to present as I was trying get my head in a straight thought that my tutor told me that I already did the presenting the week before half-term, so I went for a back up plan to present my music video while playing my DJ set in time with the video.

Here are the two videos that shows myself DJing and the other shows the music video while my DJ set was on.

How did it went?

I felt the whole experience of DJing my set with video imagery was the best thing I ever did. What I realised that since I showed my video at the public place, this has accomplished my original purpose of my outgoing plans.

I was very enthusiastic and nervous when I was playing my music to the public with the video playing on a loop live. When playing my selected songs to the public, I was aware of some very good feedback and responses to my set. They enjoyed the range of songs I played and also highlighted my video was outstanding and excellent.

How could it been better?

Doing this project and getting the video ready for the public event has made me realised for next time to be aware of time scales and organisational skills.

This will benefit for any future projects that I will know what to expect when I encounter any problems.


I have uploaded my music video on my YouTube channel and then I shared it across my social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram WhatApps and SoundCloud (for audio only) to my personal contacts and followers.


YouTube pic




Soundcloud 2


Instagram pic 2Instagram pic



I feel these social media platforms will raise my profile and awareness of my abilities to get recognised by my project I created. By using social media accounts like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, it can generate more people to have a look at my promotions to watch and listen to anybody on their pages and cycle goes over and over.


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