Review of Introduction Week

By Johnny Hourigan

My review of the introduction week of Multi-Media Creativity Works has started off with a bang that’s really exciting and fun to learn about photography, biog and Twitter.

On Tuesday 12th September, I met up with everyone at Farringdon station to go and meet the professional photographer called Richard Pascoe at Grey London. He took photos of our headshots individually before taking photos of all of us in a big group in one of the hotspot in London when we were travelling to the City Hall. After we all sat down in the room that was allocated to use until 4:30pm, Richard showed us his short film about how he “freeze time in a click” when he take pictures for any clients what they require. I thought he had amazing ambition, how he been in the industry coping pressure in various sections and I like how he used the phrase to illustrate his slogan to inspire photographers like some people in the room to become better.

The next thing was he taught us the key words that a photographer must use every time to take a picture using:

  • Aperture which controls the brightness of the image that passes through the lens.


  • Shutter Speed has its meaning: the faster the shutter speed, the shorter the time the image will capture a picture for seconds or milliseconds.


  • ISO can measure the camera’s sensitivity of the image sensor whether it’s indoor or outdoor, day time or night time.


  • Framing: a photographer has to frame the correct shot, whether it’s a couple of someone’s head, body and/or assemble groups of people must have a clear understanding of framing in order to avoid chopping someone’s head, arms or anything left out.

After that, we were given a task to take a picture of anything we see outside the City Hall to make up a headline that’s got to be catchy but short. I took some pictures on my Canon EOS 700D while everyone else used their phones. I came back to the City Hall with everyone else all ready to present their picture with a chosen headline through the projector via their phones while I presented my picture via Richard’s Mac laptop. Everyone presented their pictures with headlines may sound good or funny, but Richard has given his constructed criticism on particular parts that as a photo-journalist, it’s hard to find a picture with a good headline but also it depends how is it going to attract readers on newspaper and online.

On Wednesday 13th September, we learned in the morning session from Jasmine Dotiwala what the word “biog” means. Biog is short for “biography” of who they are, what they do or used to do, where they’re from, when they realise they discovered their talents and why they named two people as their influences from a third person view. We had a go to ourselves by writing about our life from a third person view, but not from the first person view like for example, “I am Johnny and…” It sounds wrong. Some of us found it good but some of us found a bit hard when we are projecting our life to the public. I personally felt a little pressured when I was writing about my life from a third person view before I project it to everyone. I was shaking when I was writing down on my notepad and I thought “how am I going to continue to write if I’m still shaking?” In the end, I personally felt relaxed when I took time writing my biog during the day, although it was longer like an autobiography than my draft.

Next thing we learned in the afternoon is how to “tweet like a pro” using Twitter. I never used Twitter previously, but what I learned something interesting about Twitter is when you follow anyone as a journalist, you have to source any popular trends that are going on right now like for example, everyone’s talking about Mercury Prize and you want to tag the hashtag with the awards. You could tweet like “Looking for a music specialist to talk for things”. Another thing about using Twitter is that you can promote any brands you created or started from the bottom that you wanted to gain followers is to set up promotional pictures and videos for i.e. a fashion show etc.

Twitter sometimes it can be hard for setting up a username like your real name or anonymously mixture of names upper/lower cases, numbers and/or any text styles. I can imagine if someone was setting a Twitter user name like for instance, ‘@PatrickORiley’ is a basic username for your name to be recognised. However, some people on Twitter can either take your name or for security reasons, you may need to create a user name to hide your identity to the public like another example, @Patrick_ORiley or @PatORiley etc. One thing about setting a username doesn’t complicate it if you set it up as ‘@Pat_Ril£y21 or… let’s just leave it now so I don’t want it complicate it if you’re reading this.

Another thing about using Twitter is that your profile has to stand out clear and simple not a bit confusing or off putting. What is one of the things your profile has to stand out the best? Well, I can name three things to have a best profile is your:

  • Profile picture: It can be either a picture of yourself or a logo of a brand/your name. Never have a profile picture faceless otherwise no one will recognise you if i.e. a company wants to see your profile if you got a job or currently in the job process.


  • Profile details: You got to have a clear description about yourself like for example, Patrick O’Riley, a University of Greenwich alumni graduate and aspiring musician.


  • Profile links: You can add a web link to your social media profiles like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo, etc. However, it has to be one of them as Twitter can’t hold more than one link and what’s special to have a link so anyone like a company of your interest can see what you did but it has to be realistic not anything you post something that’s not relevant to your criteria. Otherwise, no one’s going to take you seriously.

So Twitter is not about how you present yourself to the public to follow you, it’s about you are following them so many followers can follow you back on your interest in Music, Media, Politics, Fashion and Technologies etc. Tweeting can be good and it can generate some followers to retweet the comment what you said and it can go on endlessly. Sometimes, like for myself, I had never considered to open up a Twitter account because back then, I was busy at school and college, trying to stay focused with fewer social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, SoundCould and YouTube. Also, what I made me thought of not setting up Twitter is that I was never into social media as I can find it difficult what people say nowadays and what everyone’s been tending about and I thought I would be the last person to recognise a trend before everyone else will probably move on to new trends that’s going on right now. I find it a bit weird and uncomfortable. However Jasmine did told me that “none of us were born using an iPhone, none of us was born on laptops and computers.” You can set up Twitter at the beginning but you don’t have to tweet straightaway. Instead, try follow people first before you can tweet whenever it’s necessarily at the right time. In other words like Jasmine said “don’t be taunted by it or overwhelm by it.” Do it whenever it suits you, never feel pressure to do something when you’re not comfortable by anyone or anything it can intimidate you.

So I feel relieved and realise since I never thought setting up a Twitter account, I decided to give a try to follow and I can tweet whenever I want to so I don’t feel pressured by anything what’s going on in the media world.

To conclude my review of the introduction, I felt I was going to face the overwhelming of a new environment for the first time since I left college. However, I managed to change it around to make sure I don’t get put off in the obstacles I am going through for the next five weeks of training, but seven more weeks until 1st December. As long as I keep my head up at all times, I will make it day by day without thinking week by week or month by month.




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